After sale service

STARTING MY E-SCOOTER . Some of our customer are contacting us because after turning on their Escooter , when they accelerate , nothing happen . It is totally normal . Here are the explaination . The law requires us to set up a kick -start system on our scooters, You must first start with one or more manual pushes of the scooter (like a classic scooter), then press the throttle when the scooter is in movement. It is an electric assistance. This is the main difference with a scooter, otherwise your Escooter would be considered a vehicle similar to mopeds or motorists and would be needed to be registered You can find all this information (some scooters on 2 modes) in the evolutions mode of the product.
If you bought one of our product from our website , you get:
  • 14 days Satisfied or Fully refunded  ( refund only if product is in its package and never used )
  • Free Return fee  .
  • Free Return fee on all the 2 years of the warranty in case of any issue with your product
If you bought one of our product from another supplier ( Other internet website or Shop) :
  • The return of the product  regarding any technical assistance  are not included  , they are at your own fee
  • We are covering the shipping cost of returning the repaired item to you.
  • We can't do any Refund as we are not the sellers in this case .
Please note if your product is not taken by the guarantee once the Technician has analyzed the product  , we won't cover the shipping cost to return the product to you . (Our Warranty )      
It happens quite frequently when the battery is completely empty that the balance of the hoverboard goes out of order. Just do a fairly simple procedure, the RESET: - Put the hoverboard in parallel position on the ground, hoverboard in position OFF (important) - Then press for 30-40 seconds the "turn on" button - Release the button a few seconds - Push last time to turn it off Wait a few seconds and turn it on again. Everything should be back in order You can watch on Google or YouTube, there are plenty of videos, just search for "Reset Hoverboard"
The product warranty is 2 years (European Union) What is included in the warranty: Any manufacturing defect that prevents the proper operation of the product. Default   failures on electronic components, battery or motors What is not included in the warranty: Usage of spare parts (such as Wheels, LCD screen, battery wear etc ..) A malfunction following damage caused by the consumer (shock, driving in water, etc.) Breakage or oxidation ( contact with water)  of the product will not be covered by the warranty Please note that the drop in performance of your battery following a number of refills is part of the normal usage of your product. As a result we can not guarantee the battery more than 3 months.
If Your product stop working , please contact us directly :
  1. Send us an email ( " Contact US " on our website ) explaining your problem , with picture and the original receipt
  2. Accepted in Warranty ( please see Our Warranty ) If your product is accepted in Warranty , you will receive an email  ,please print it and join it with your product returned
  3. Repair Once your defective product received , Our Technician will analyze it , and if it goes inside our Warranty , we will repair the product ( Treatment can take up to 1 month )
  4. Shipping Our Logistic will ship the item ( Free shipping ) directly to you .
Please note , Only the product purchased in our website have Free Return policy ( please refer to Return Policy  )