About E-zigo


E-Zigo is a way of live . We leave our car in the garage and we move in the city quickly and cleanly for the environment. Electric mobility Allows us to enjoy the outdoor and  to do physical exercice

We seek to offer products that are both fun for adults and children. All our products can be used in a fun and friendly way. Our customers are used to practice slaloms or speed competitions with friends.

Experts in Urban Mobility

From year to year hoverboard and scooters are among the most popular Christmas presents. They are indeed very popular with children and adults who use it daily to go to work.

But beware, if all seem to be alike, we must be very careful not to come across unpleasant surprises. You must be particularly attentive to two things:

  • The respect of the standards (European, UL or Rohs), to avoid the risks of explosion of the battery or breakdown service.
  • The Warranty and the After Sales Service offered by the dealer, to know where to turn in case of breakdown or breakage.

These two points are ESSENTIAL and currently distinguish a good hoverboard from a bad one.

At E-ZIGO we select one by one each component to design a durable and quality product.

Technology linked to Health

The days are gone when  the scooter was only for kids! Today, it is invading the sidewalks and is increasingly popular with teens and adults of all ages. Why such a renewal? Because the scooter, far beyond its practical and playful aspects, allows you to build muscles and do excercie without thinking and enjoy the fresh air for an immediate well-being effect!

Traveling daily with a scooter or a hoverboard makes a possibility to practice a regular physical activity without even realizing it and  to stay in shape and therefore to build muscles. If you do not have time to play sports, instead of using your car or public transport, USE Escooter! Because it solicits the legs during the pushing movement but also the arms to hold the handlebars, the scooter can tone up your body.