After Sale Service


If you encounter any technical problem with your products, we’ll provide you  a quality after-sales service to fix it as soon as possible. Our technicians participated in the process of the product development and therefore control all the operation.

Etapes de réparations

Contact Us

A Question, a problem with your product?
Send us an email (click here: Contact Us) explaining your technical problem with photos and the invoice.

Return the product to our After sale Department

Acceptance of return
After remote analysis by our technician that your product requires repair in the workshop, you will receive an email of acceptance of the return to join with your product when you will ship it back to us .
Attention , it is necessary to send back the product in its original packaging

Analyzing the product

Upon receiving your product in our workshops, our technicians will analyze the product to see where the failure comes from and if it can be supported by the warranty (see the attached link for more details : Warranty).
We will contact you by email once this diagnosis is made.

Fixing the product

Suite à la confirmation de la prise en charge de la réparation par la garantie, nous procéderons à la réparation de votre produit sous un délai de 1 mois. ( Délais le plus souvent plus rapide, suivant les besoins de commander ou non des pièces spécifiques pour réparation )

Following the confirmation that the repair can be taken by the guarantee, we will proceed to the repair of your product within a period of 1 month. (Most often faster, depending on the need or not to order specific parts for fixing it )

Sending the repaired product to you

Once the product has been repaired and tested by our technicians, we will ship your product back to your home within 24-48 hours !