The Storm Boost – Foldable Electric Scooter – Removable Battery


The Storm Boost – Foldable Electric Scooter – Removable Battery


Foldable and telescopic Electric Scooter made in high precision Aluminium
Highest speed: 20km/h – 3 gears
Removable battery
Battery life before charging again: 10-15km

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The new E-ZIGO Storm Boost – Electric Scooter is the lightest electric scooter made with aluminium fiber material. It is easy to fold and portable to anywhere. The smooth acceleration, fast mobility and better suspension design of this scooter will ensure a pleasant experience for any users. Enjoy the life and choose E-ZIGO !!!
With its powerful light, it will be a pleasure to ride it also by night.
It works thanks to a powerful battery which allows to have a range of 10-15km.
At the top of the handlebar, a control screen will give all the details regarding your speed and use. You will be able to modify your speed, with the 3 gears provided by the item, and check the battery.
This scooter is equipped with a triple Brake system: The electric one, at the top of the handlebar, the manual one, and the disk brake, for a better safety, and according to the German law as well.
This scooter is also equipped with a removable battery, that you can charge independently.
Be sure to respect the rules of the road by having a responsible attitude
To launch the electric engine of the scooter, you first need to push the scooter manually then once it is moving , press the Accelerator .( KICK START system ). Switch to the upper gear pushing the start button.

Dimensions Packaging: 116,5×18,5×49,5cm
Dimensions when foldezd: 105,60x42x45cm
Dimensions when unfolded: 105,6x42x116,6cm
Wheel: 8.5″ vacuum wheel.
– Battery specification: 5000 mAh (180Wh). Removable: you can charge it independently
– Deck Width : 15cm
– Ground Clearance : 12cm
Off-road design, excellent versatility
Huge ability to adjust itself for different road conditions
– Motor power: 36V 350W
– LCD Display dynamically shows speed & battery capacity
– Front LED light enable night riding
– 3 braking systems: Electric brake, Disc and Manual
– Material: Aluminum (AL)
– Foldable bar
– Accelerometer
– Max. Speed: 20 km / h
– Autonomy: 10-15KM
– Load: 20-150 kg (330 lbs)

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