STARTING MY E-SCOOTER . Some of our customer are contacting us because after turning on their Escooter , when they accelerate , nothing happen . It is totally normal . Here are the explaination . The law requires us to set up a kick -start system on our scooters, You must first start with one or more manual pushes of the scooter (like a classic scooter), then press the throttle when the scooter is in movement. It is an electric assistance. This is the main difference with a scooter, otherwise your Escooter would be considered a vehicle similar to mopeds or motorists and would be needed to be registered You can find all this information (some scooters on 2 modes) in the evolutions mode of the product.
Simply connect the power adapter to your 220V Home Electricity and the DC-in Jack on your scooter. The full charging time is 4h. Be careful to use ONLY  the supplied adapter.
If stains appear on the surface of your product, use a soft fabric .. In case of stubborn stains, you can first scrub with a soft cloth moistened with toothpaste and then rub with a soft damp cloth. Important: Never clean with alcohol, gasoline or other corrosive or volatile chemical solvents. This may damage the appearance and structure of the vehicle. It is also forbidden to use a pressure washer to clean your scooter, you may be shocked or seriously damaged.
Please do not expose the batteries to an environment higher than 40 ° C or lower than -10 ° C (for example do not leave the battery in the trunk of your car), this could cause ignition of the batteries or significant damage to your battery. Explosion To prevent the battery from being discharged, try to recharge it regularly and without waiting for it to be completely discharged. To make the best use of battery life, it is recommended to use it at normal temperatures. Below 0 ° C, the battery life decreases sharply. Important: It is important not to leave the discharged battery for too long as this could cause serious damage. Namely, a battery is an element that get used with each usage , its capacity decreases as time goes by.